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"I attended a "Playshop" this weekend that was an amazing experience. I am still reeling from the power of the event as well as the information. However, it wasn't as informing as it was transforming. I want more."

- Sharon B.

“I am so excited to begin my life and really live it. My 10-year-old daughter actually asked where is the old mommy? This past weekend with Playing to Claim Your Excellence was by far the most profound ever. I returned home from this seminar able to sustain the greatness of the seminar. I was able to commit to move forward with the commitments to my dreams and to myself. To carry in every cell in my body the ability to feel the shifts which had taken place. To know that I will achieve all the dreams my heart put to paper at this seminar. This was by far more transformational than others and it cost less.”

- Dr. Nancy Brandt,

"I am grateful for the EXCELLENCE seminar I was a part of last Saturday. My mind is still swimming from all the information and Vonn's addictive style in her presentations! A person knows they are in the presence of greatness when they meet Marcella Vonn Harting."

- Marie H.

“The Playshop on Excellence was a life changing event for me. I learned many things that will assist me in my business, but the most profound event happened in just an instant, I saw the things that have been holding me back most of my life and I knew that my life would never be the same. There will be no more being unsatisfied with life and not knowing what to do. I am now empowered and responsible for what becomes of my life and I am excited!”

- Candace Czarny,

"Wowie! What a weekend. So much magic with Marcella Von Harting's visit. And today at Jan's was simply profound and changed me for sure. . . Thank you so much for this weekend. Something is truly different with me.

-Stella S.

"I enjoyed the class VERY MUCH."

-Mike K.

"Thank you for bringing Vonn to Eugene. Personal growth is good for all of us and for me it is easier to bring people to a play shop where the Young Living oils and business is sprinkled in with the other information. Everything she said can be applied to any business. This was a great way to open dialog about the oils.

-Doris P.

What others say about “Yes No Maybe” Chronobiotic™ Nutrition :

“The book, “Yes, No, Maybe” Chronobiotic Nutrition, has identified the hidden key of chronobiotics, which was previously unrecognized and which accelerates healing and good health. The book clearly defines the unique factor of time as it relates to the human body and the rhythm of the planet earth. This phenomenon may truly be the hidden link. It is a must read for anyone who would choose a healthy lifestyle.”

- Terry Shepherd Friedmann, M.D., A.B.H.M.,
One of 25 pioneers in Holistic Medicine

"”Yes, No, Maybe” Chronobiotic Nutrition details an ancient and natural plan of eating for easy assimilation and maximum utilization of foods. This new presentation of a centuries old philosophy of what to eat and when to eat it is supported by current documentation. As a medical professional for over 30 years I know the value of using natural and plant substances to enhance overall health. The timing is what has been missing from eating and diet plans. Marcella and Atom provide an easy-to-follow guide to fill in this missing piece. I find Chronobiotic Nutrition fascinating as a novel, straight-forward approach to eating for health and nutrition."

- Dr. Sam J. Walters, M.D., N.D.

“The contents of this book are life changing. Read, study and apply this material into your daily living habits, and you will truly have a changed life. No longer do you have to struggle with the “diets” that are short term solutions at best. Chronobiotic Nutrition is the key to unlock the door to your lifestyle change for proper function. It is precisely the “live-it” that you’ll require for longevity itself. This is a must read.”

- Dr. Kenneth Krieger, D.C., C.C.S.T

What others say about Marcella's Playshops:

"Royal Crown Diamond"